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not anymore

thank goodness


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Nope, I be a conscientious objector... aka a coward :V


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Vet, U.S. Army 2000 - 2004.


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As of three months ago, yes. I praise the old Gods for the repeal of DADT.

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In training


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I'm a future enlistee, I guess. As soon as I graduate high school I'm off to boot camp (USMC).


Two of my closest friends are an Army Sergeant in a Communications MOS and an Air Force Intelligence Specialist. They're both furries and they're both hella bronies.

I'm not military, but I am in emergency medical services and soon, the fire service as well.


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I was active duty in 2012 but never made it to the coursework for my 25 C on account of the discovery during BCT (fort jackson) of a genetic bloodcell deformity! They articled me out on a 'try again next year and maybe only the air force' pep talk, but the doctor is like 'maybe don't' so I'm free to derp around arting til the rest of my days instead of fixing radio towers under fire. Drat.

BUT I can tell anyone not yet gone through BCT that it is incredibly fun! Like summer camp, only for adults. And if you have short arms, don't be too proud to get an M15 instead of an AR16 - they look smaller but they are actually heavier and this helps stablize the tripod you make with your elbows - plus the butt is adjustable so.


Too cowardly to try, would have joined the Air Force if I had a choice.