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Minecraft 1.8


The Last of Us.
Anyone been playing since the new update?
Know of any decent servers to play it on?
So far i havent seen anything new, i cant make it out of the forest is spawned in a new world in because minecraft now runs at like a frame per second for me now -_-


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Pretty much the same here, too. Once the update rolled out, the game ran SO SLOW. Needless to say, I haven't played since. :/


The Last of Us.
Well thats good, thought it was just my laptop :p


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I was playing it from time to time, but I stopped recently.

I don't know what kind of server you want :3 (survival, creative, factions, minigames, etc.) but there's a server called mc-legends.com that has all the classic games and basic minecraft server stuff. I would be warned though, the kids on their creative server like to rollplay and it gets super weird =/

Edit: Yeah, I find that funny anyway. This update was supposed to improve the performance of the game and give you more fps, but I'm pretty sure they fucked up. You may want to try modifying the amount of ram that Minecraft starts with, you can find some tutorials on the internet that tell you how to do that - it's fairly simply and straight forward.