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>>>Minecraft Server: Miner's Paradise<<<


Rawr =^.^=
Server IP:

My own fun little server. Vanilla Minecraft server with no PVP.
Currently only holds 10 people. With more interest/players/donations, the server can expand!

Looking to earn some perks? Look below to learn how to gain some!


Donate 1$ - Earn a random IRON item!

Donate 5$ - Earn a random DIAMOND item!


Invite 1 player* to the server - Earn 250xp

Invite 5 players* to the server - Earn 500xp

Invite 10+ players* to the server - Earn 1000xp + a random DIAMOND item.

*referred player must message admin (Ivorytigress) with the referee's MC name.

Current rules:
-Don't be a dick to people.
-If someone asks you to stop, you stop.
-Swearing is OKAY. Please just don't go over the top with it.
-No griefing. If caught, offender will be instantly banned.
-DO NOT enter the Mod Tower.
-No hacks.
-Have fun :)

****We are looking for mods! Please message Ivorytigress on FA if interested.

edit: The server is now Whitelisted. Please apply below.

MC name:
What are you looking for in a vanilla MC server?:
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What the Hell I'm doing here?
I would play with you! If i had the original minecraft and not a free one... I dont know if I can join an original minecraft server...


Neo is OP
When I get back around to playing MineCraft, I'd love to join!

MC Name: Qwertyiop6781
Age: 22
What am I looking for?
A server that is Vanilla :V

But really, I hate bigger scale servers.


New Member
I'd love to join.
MC Name: Instinct123
Age 17
Im looking for a server where I can do the usual minecraft stuff; dig, build, explore, while meeting and talking with people.


Amateur Artist Extraordinaire
This souds great :3

MC Name: tacokisses
Age: 17 (18 in a couple months :3)
I am looking for a server that is fun, fur-friendly, and not over-run by super plugins ._.