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Nope. Not a 'which servers have the bestest yiffy-scritchy' thread.

Instead, I'm wondering what the minecrafters amongst our noble fuzzy ranks enjoy in the game. Why do you play? To build a massive golden phallic symbol? To explore the rare geometry glitch floating dirt islands of the north? Do you prefer the social multiplayer aspect (or cluster-frak of pvp servers) Or the tranquility and isolation of single play?

And, if you can, tell a story of your best experience in minecraft.


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Well it's still fresh in my mind since I played not an hour ago, but I think the thing I most enjoy about Minecraft is how I can play for hours. Alone. And still be as entertained as if I had a group of friends to play with. Meeting goals, accomplishing things I set out to do when I first created the world...it's a good feeling to get something done that needs doing, even in a virtual world. This afternoon, I struck diamond. I then proceeded to make a diamond pick and shovel and re-roofed my house and added a second story. Even the little things like chopping down 4 stacks worth of trees make you think, "Now I can get shit DONE."


I actually just got the game yesterday, but I love it. So far I've only done solo on peaceful mode. I love exploring the areas surrounding my houses and building new structures. I think I'll expand my houses next. Then I'll try playing with enemies. Multiplayer too. The best moment I've had so far was the first time it started raining. I was so amazed; it really showed how in-depth the universe of the game is. Also, today was the first time I struck lapis lazuli and redstone. It was great to see ore of a new color.


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I used to play online, until my underground base and subway system was raided by a band of roguish vandals.

Nowadays I spend most of my time in single player building bunkers n' shit.

My best moment was making that subway system ;_;


Pfft. Casual.

Come back when you start making giant swastika cubes like me.

me? uhmm i like playing with my friend Shins, and I make him do everything for me
I insist on building wood-only houses that almost always catch on fire or get burned or have lava dumped on them
uhmmm i like having 30 wolves [thats what i spend the majority of my time doing in multiplayer]
annnddd I like hiding on pillars at night because im scared of hostile mobs

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I like the SMP server I'm a mod on. My greatest work so far is a massive stone statue in Kit's likeness (Uber-Kit), but my current project, a nine-floor fortress called Castle Fuchsenstein, will be even better upon completion.
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When I play MC, I like playing in a close-knit group. I hate the public games and such...

I don't like doing big artistic structures or anything like that, but I like exploring and working as a group to build our town.

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Team up and make a hypercube (tesseract) :p


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:> crowning achievement in minecraft accidentally not get laid because i got to damn sucked into the game building an awesome tree fort >.>


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Trying to construct a parthanon. Started twice, got half way but never managed to finish due to either server resets or lack of time during the summer. Sigh. >:

Renamed my original map back to 'World 1'.
Three worlds so far. One pre-1.8, one island map, one swamp map.


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First time I ever played I started next to a lake shaped like a dong.

The best thing that ever happened to be in MineCraft is being in a cave, a creeper blowing up near me, and revealing a cave with a large abundance of lapis, gold, and diamonds. If it weren't for that creeper I wouldn't have found that cave. ^.^ I haven't gotten into much of the adventure update, yet. Creative is just too appealing. Especially with the TNT.

EDIT: I checked out the Herpadong seed, and found a pretty hill. I tried to make a 3D gif. It didn't work out too well, but it worked out sorta nice.

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Today I started building an awesome underwater glass dome building. There's a hallway/tunnel leading from the shore to the entrance. I'm not sure what I'll put inside it. It'll either be one large circular room or I'll divide it into smaller ones.

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My bro got addicted to Minecraft a couple of days ago.


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Never gave two shits about the game myself.

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I don't even give one..