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Minimum/Ideal Profile Banner Size?


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I assume the profile banners must be new, because the only thing I could find about it is a request for them. Fun, I like it.

Is there a defined minimum or perhaps "ideal" image size for the banners? As in X pixels by Y pixels. Thanks much!

I'd like to make my own since I have no ideas to commission anyone with, so I'll just make a geometric or minimalist thing, since that's Punji's style anyway and it's something I can do with my extremely limited artistic abilities. But I don't want the patterns to be squished, stretched, or cut off if possible.

Sorry if I've missed the measurements anywhere, I did look.


Staff Member
I looked in their documentation, and they don't even have a recommended size. I'd take a screenshot of the banner area, crop it in your program, and then design over it. Or make i a bit bigger than that area as it seems that you can scale/crop it.


Daedric Prince of Secrets
When no banner is provided, the area for the default light blue strip is 1473x153 pixels. However, when a banner of these exact dimensions is added, the banner displayed is stretched out to 1473x312 pixels instead. Something to note I suppose!

I'll make a proper banner and test out how things go.


Daedric Prince of Secrets
Okay, after a bit of experimenting I've come to something of a conclusion! To the best of my abilities at least.

Profile Banner Sample.png

This entire sample banner is 1472x312 pixels. This is what is shown on the profile page.

The lighter grey area is 1014x312 pixels. This is what is shown in the preview banner when a user's name is selected, such that anything within the darker grey areas will be cut off. Hope someone finds this useful! :)


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It would be nice if they added what size is recommended. I just took a banner I had made from a different website and hoped it would work. I seems to work so I kept it.

I also notice that the height is also different in the preview and the profile. The preview has a larger height and my profile cuts part of the top of the image off. Also the height changes on the profile when you minimize the webpage.