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Mint’s $10 - $25 Quick Chibis [OPEN]


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Hello! If you’re interested in a commission, please PM me or note me on FA [also MintBeary]. I retain the right to turn down any commissions I don't wish to take.
I can generally get these done same-day, or within ~24 hours-ish.
If there’s a demand for it, I can also do regular proportion fullbodies, but I’m trying keep things simple to test the waters.

Paypal USD please!​

$10 USD … Lines
$15 USD … Simple Color
$25 USD … Painted




[ WILL ]
+ Mild/stylized gore
+ Mature themes
+ Tasteful nudity
+ Anthro and humanoid
+ Monsters
+ Any gender

- Fetish ( if it’s really innocuous, ask, but no promises;; )
- NSFW/pornographic
- IRL humans

A WIP will be sent for painted commissions. Lines and simple color are as-is, though every commission is entitled to one free touchup in case there’s a significant mistake on my part that needs to be corrected.

You’re welcome to post the art anywhere you’d like with credit as long as you’re the person who commissioned it! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask.

+ Open!
+ Open!
+ Open!​
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