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of misadventures
Hey, what's the funniest misadventure you've had in a tabletop rpg?

There was one time, me and a bunch of my friends were exploring a bunch of ruins when my group had the brilliant idea to split up and search for loot in what seemed like an abandoned house. This was when our Warlock stumbled upon someone else who had been snooping around and she was attacked. My monk who has really low intelligence made a roll to see if our Warlock had started the fight, because she was known for her greed, and of course failed his check with a nat one. So he decided to sit the fight out and instead sit on the side lines, talking about how it was karma for being greedy. After our Warlock, the only member in our party to even know healing, got knocked out I just sat there and was able to talk my way out of a situation with the interloper, as she saw that I meant know harm...good times xD


Fundamentalist Heretic
I've been playing D&D for 35 years so I have no end of good stories. Alas, the best ones are so long that no one would read them as the PCs go from one terrible blunder after another and either end up with everyone killed or very nearly so.

A shorter one then:

1st level PCs were in a proving ground dungeon set up by a prominent adventuring company headquartered in a major city. If the PCs survived and captured or killed the evil dragon at the heart of the dungeon, the adventuring company would hire them and give them good equipment.

The dungeon was full of low level monsters and lots and lots of traps. At the heart of the dungeon was a hatchling white dragon. Even a hatchling dragon is a mortal threat to a 1st level party so they sneaked up on her to catch her by surprise. They do so and beat the creature to within an inch of her life. On her turn, rather than use her breath weapon or her claws or bite attacks, the dragon made a tearful plea for her life. Her hoard isn't with her, she said. It's in the next room and she can tell them how to disarm the trap and the treasure's all theirs if they set her free.

The trap was a pit full of boiling water, which opened when the door to the next room was opened. The PCs could flip a switch on the other side of the door and the trap will reset. So long as it wasn't flipped again, the trap door would remain closed.

The PCs did as she suggested, intentionally triggering the trap and carefully climbing across the pit to reset it. In the next room was a pile of gold and platinum, with glowing weapons and armor mixed in. Once the trap was reset every PCs except the paladin greedily dived into the treasure, looking for magical gear that they could use. The paladin stayed behind the dragon to guard her.

The dragon stepped forward and openly wept at the theft of her priceless treasure. The paladin stayed right behind her, unaware that he was now standing on the closed pit.

The dragon flicked the switch with her tail. The paladin fell into the boiling water. An invisible net under the treasure lifted up, catching the PCs inside. A secret door to the side of the treasure room opened up and kobolds with spears ran out to attack the party. Because the traps the party disarmed on the way in were effectively keeping the dragon in the dungeon, the dragon made her escape.

Needless to say, hunting that dragon became the main plot line of the first half of that campaign!