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Misheard song lyrics,


blue sky love

"We're going down town in a looney loorah! In Sugar, we're going down swingin! I'll be your number one with the bully! A lonely dark cloud that's crooked and bullied."

Sugar, We're Going Down
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blue sky love

"Hot was Andrew's Spiderman. Sang a song with a dress on. 9 at night, flesh nude ballroom. Steve and Vick sure love this song."

99 LuftBalloons


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The most famous one was from Jimmy Hendrix' 'Purple Rain' of course, so I think it bears mentioning:

"Actin' funny, but I don't know why,
Excuse me, while I kiss this guy"

But my favourite that I personally misheard was from Audioslave's "Bring 'Em Back", which for years I could have sworn was singing:

"Arrrrrrrr... I am a Pirate!"


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Wingnut Dishwasher Union's song 'Jesus Does The Dishes' had the line "If we can't live without dishwashers, how would we live without cops?" but a lot of people, including myself, often mishear cops as cocks. Really confused a lot of us in the beginning.

Street Punk also has a lot of misheard lyrics throughout the genre, mainly with how hard it can be to actually hear what they're saying through the fast-paced music. No better example of this comes from The Casualties' 'We Are All We Have'. Who could forget such classic lines such as "I only want a donut, ??? porn", "I've got this rock", and "Can you see the fish, screaming in the air?" It's a blast to go through and mishear the entire song.

blue sky love

"With the last out, it's less dangerous!
Here we are now, enternain her!
I feel stupid! Can't contain her!
Here we are now, entertain her!
A Mulan, her! An Elvylra!
A Mystique, her! My libido!

or instead of yeah "MAHDAHYAIYALL!'

blue sky love

Destiny saw Uno!
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby saw Hope!

"Ruby SoHo" by Rancid


kleptomaniac for knowledge

OWO OWO dance on my balls
cat fucking a handbag
Yours only yours
I want to sleep with Winston
It's no lie
Lisa in the crowd said
Larry had a vagina malfunction


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I've said it before, I'll probably say it again because it's funny, but:
"Hakuna Matata" in Maori means "Knock the Crevice"

(I think that's 'Knock' as in 'Don't knock it' rather than physically apply your fist to it...)


I shall keep the beats
in a sonic song where it says
"all hail shadow"
i always heard
"i am the shadow"


Meemee had way right on the corner where I want to stay, FOR YOU! (instead of "Meet me Half Way" idk the artist tbh)

Rolled up like a douche in the runner in the night (though a common one, Blinded by the Light cover. Also I actually like the original version by Bruce Springsteen better . . .)

It just takes some time, little girl in a little apple ride (Jimmy Eat World - The Middle)

So here I am, a popcorn tree, so straight and tall. You are smothered in smother, but I still see you (Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbor)

Also I swear to god there was a song that sounded like it said "sex drive" and "swiss chard" simultaneously at some part. I'm not even joking. Does anyone know what this could be?