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Equine pokemon and digimon as well!

$5 full body, shaded, simple background or a 2/3 body shot like these:

Sorry for the links but the images won't upload into the post

www.furaffinity.net: Spitfire by SilverKitsune84
www.furaffinity.net: Coco Pommel by SilverKitsune84
www.furaffinity.net: Sunset Shimmer by SilverKitsune84

Additional characters are $2.50 each up to 3 per drawing

Bust drawings will be $4 with $1.50 for each additional character up to 3 per drawing.

I draw canon, OCs, couples of any gender. I do not draw NSFW or extreme gore-i will draw small amounts of blood or injuries if requested. The best I can do for "sexy" are sultry looking eyes and maybe a flirty pose.

I also draw closed species as long as you own that particular character.
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