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Mlp ongoing rp partner(s) wanted 18+


Seeking some one who might be interested in a long term ongoing romance/adventure/slice of life mlp role play. Most likely will contain a good bit of nsfw. I have sevaral characters and can even aid in designing you a character if you desire as I am a digital artist. As far as setting and everything we can discuss that and agree spin something mutualy. All I ask is that you be able to put a decent amount of detail into your posts. Grammar is not all that important to me, however I do ask you use full words, not text lingo.

I also have a sergal fursona and an anthro horse fursona if I absolutely can’t find an mlp themed rp.

Please keep in mind I’m only searching for some one 18+ due to nsfw elements, thanks!

Also I am hoping to do the rp over either discord or telegram


I'd be interested and capable of providing the detail you want. Would you like me to PM you my Discord ID?