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What do you think? It took me one hour , I came up with this because today I was going to visit the city of my birth xD


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Your doodledoes are better than what I may spend a week at, lol


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Looks awesome!


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hehehe thanks~!!
practice will get you there!!
It's a kinda painful topic for me, actually. I would like to be a great artist, but since I have a full-time job and lot of ongoing struggles in my life, I had to choose between several crafts, and I decided to invest my spare time in guitar skills. I still draw stuff for fun ocasionally, as well as do animations, but I never get to do it on a constant basis to actually progress with my skills.
On an interesting note, a guy named Aesop Rock made a neat song on subject, called "Rings" - it's about how he had to abandon his drawings to go into music industry full time, and how he laments that decision despite accomplishing his goal as a musician. As for me - maybe sometime later, I hope...