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Moments When You Were Proud To Be A Furry

Beetle the Minty Dragon

Tragically Lactose Intolerant
In response to FA being attacked twice now by the same guy who really hates furries, I decided to make this thread. What moment/story do you have that made you happy and/or proud to be a furry?

For me, it was when I realized just how amazing the art community here is. I came from tumblr, and so I was used to the community there. In the furry fandom, this community really boosted my self esteem over my art, and made me so inspired to do more. It also gave me hope that when I open commissions, people would actually be interested in buying them. That made me happy to be a furry, and proud of the community we have.


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Does anybody remember that furry from 4chan that tricked a bunch a people to raid his website and that somehow, someway made him over 100k in profits? I don't what he did (it might have involved bitcoin back when bitcoin was at it's height) but that was a pretty fucking pro gamer move.


Whenever I encounter good furry art, music, or storytelling, I'll admit that I'm proud of this little community and its outsized creativity.

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When I first met my boyfriend. He's a furry too.


Forgetful Folf
Just seeing all of the wonderful creations this community has produced; comics, music, art... Not to mention tons of awesome friends I've met along the way.


I love all my characters to bits. They are like my children, and many parents are proud of their children, so, by default, I am always proud to be a furry, excluding the times I feel shame due to drama and illegal, degenerate activity done by other furries...