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Monolithically Giant Aliens Suddenly Arrive On Earth Tomorrow: What Would Logically Happen?


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Monolithically Giant Aliens Suddenly Arrive On Earth Tomorrow: What Would Logically Happen?

So this question came to me yesterday over a coffee, and relates specifically to Aliens (or humans) from an existing Sci-Fi Universe.

I’m sure everyone here who has ever had more then a passing interest in Sci-Fi has there own favourite alien race or fictional space faring version of humanity, even if those human looking non-earthlings never evolved on Earth. (e.g. Galactic Empire from Star Wars, etc)

For me, my personal favourite faction of Sci-Fi would have to be the Protoss from Starcraft, followed closely by the Eldar from 40k, the Quarians from Mass Effect, the Sangheili from Halo and perhaps the more human looking Scarrans from the lesser known Farscape Universe. (In terms of visual preferences, first and foremast I tend to be immensely dissatisfied by aliens that are just ‘humans’ with a single defining alien characteristic such as pointy ears - The Eldar being a noticeable exception in this case because of their excellent lore and the exquisite design of their armour, weapons and psychic powers)

A staple of most healthy Sci-Fi settings is that the advanced alien race typically holds something of a condescendingly superior if not downright hated and xenophobic view of humanity, with the true extent of their ‘foreign policy’ towards humans ranging from cold indifference to a desire to outright conquer or wipe out humanity for the universe’s ‘greater good’. It also goes without saying but for reasons of confirming to conventional story telling, aliens in whatever guise they are encountered are typically of ‘comparable’ size and stature to humans within a moderate area of margin. The Eldar from 40k are typically depicted as substantially taller and slimmer then baseline humans, and Protoss or Sangheili from Starcraft and Halo respectfully tend to average out around the 7 - 9 foot tall mark, making them substantially stronger then un-augmented humans, but still able to interact with them on a roughly comparable basis. (As the old saying goes if you can make it bleed, you can kill it. Same goes with aliens)

So, the question I was going to ask for the sake of augment is this. Take one of the above alien races (Protoss, Eldar, Quarian’s, Sangheili, Scarran’s or an established alien race of your own choosing), or better yet an existing character of one of these races you know of (preferably a female character) and imagine that through utterly inexplicable means they suddenly appear on Earth as monolithically colossal giant somewhere between 1 - 100 miles tall, accompanied by somewhere between a dozen to a hundred other members of their race. (Or alternatively, their fleet arrives unexpectedly in orbit via a blind FTL jump, with the scale in size discrepancy still titled mercilessly in the new arrivals favour)

Setting aside the notion that this was all premeditated on the part of the aliens and taking into account there own preconceptions about humans from their own universe, how would you honestly expect one or more individuals of this alien race to react under such circumstances in the heat of the moment to our indigenous human population? (With satellites and radio they would have no problem communicating with us)

Do you think this ‘First Contact’ scenario would end peacefully, or do you think short, medium or long term this could only end in cruelty and tragedy? (Regular square cube law psychics and other real world hurdles do not apply to this scenario. These aliens strength, weight, structural integrity and stamina is all scaled up appropriately to their size)


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