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Monster Hunter based fursonas?


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I hope everyone is doing well. I'm curious to know if there are any FA groups of Monster Hunter fursonas. Currently i'm developing my own. She's a Zinogre. If you have a MonHun OC i'd love to see them! <3


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Not finished yet, but I have a Tobi-Kadachi OC because I loved their design. I don't think I'll ever use him much, but he exists!


Tai Gha

I've seen a lot of nargacuga, but I'd love to see more flagships like Gore magala, Lagiacrus or something wild like Zamtrios


Silver Rathalos inspired a design for a character of my story. Have always liked the silver boi, and I was gawking at him one day talking about MonHun with another friend, then an idea hit me: I need a white dragon or wyvern in my story. Also black. Because my story is all about dat balance, a yin yang sort of concept fits perfectly. I'm pretty sure I've settled on the idea of them being transformative, able to switch between a beast form and a more anthro form. I think I came up with names for the pair. I have not settled on an actual design yet, so I don't yet know how much it will look like Rathalos, but I prooobably have to change quite a bit if my intention is to truly write this story some day cuz Capcom gonna be like "y u steal our munstah?"