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Monster Hunter Rise LFG


Hello I am trying to find some people to play with but am nervous to jump into a random group online as I may take a slot meant for a friend. So here I am asking if anyone wants to play. I just got the game a 3 hours ago and just got to 2 star missions and I haven't used my switch much so I'm still learning the controls as well but I finished most of MHW and Icebourne just not the monsters after Raging Brachy and Rajang.

Mainly I used the sword and shield, hammer, and Heavy bow gun but am experimenting with charge blade and gunlance.


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I am looking forward to (but also simply looking for) the game myself (local store received little to no copies on launch day :( )

It is tempting to go digital, but then I have to free up 8GB space on my Switch (one of the reasons I generally prefer physical).

Netanye Dakabi

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why does this spin off get so many more games than the rest of the Fantasia series?

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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monster hunter is too real for me.

i can feel the repressed memories of my ancestors.