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Monster Maw Adopts 10USD


Self-published author
So first of all, I'm so sorry for the lame handwriting. Most of the rules are in the submission.

Drooly Teeth Adopts:

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~ Teeth belong to a mystery monster, think of it like egg adopts. (you may request a type. Ie- reptile, bird, mammal, etc. Otherwise these are experimental and mystery)
~ They are each a flat 10$ for a colored sketch
~ Comment with the number you would like to claim
~ Paypal only; must be received before starting final product
~ You may resell them, just credit for the lines and me for the colors.
~ Do not send payment until I confirm the adopt with you.
~ Please allow time for completed products; I do run a business.
~ All proceeds go to the production company for future book releases. None of the money from these are used for personal use
~ Customs available for 20USD
~ Gore, vore, candy gore, etc are options for updates or add-ons but will incur an additional charge. Same for revisions which may be requested as well.​