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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Moodboard Custom Adopts (OPEN 4/4)



I need to raise some money so I can see my best friend! Put these together in hopes that'll happen

These adopts are all going to be original drawings so no base :> which means there will be WIP sketches and a wait time

Example of a finished adopt (www.furaffinity.net: Finished Custom by roido)

These are 32$ each!

You can ask for a naked anthro/feral or a clothed anthro/feral, I will NOT draw nsfw or fetishes of any kind

You can choose the gender, you can give me as many details on how you want it to look (body type, hairstyle, clothing for example) or you can always leave it all up to me!

I can do holds for up to 48 hours

Payment will be done with paypal, must pay within 48 hours or else the adopt will be put back up for sale

Once adopted you can do whatever you want with them! All I ask is to credit me at least once for the design, do not use for commercial use and to not resell for a higher price unless they come with extra content! ty!

Vaporwave Rat: OPEN
Lovecore Lion: OPEN
Cottagecore Hyena: OPEN
Skycore Bat: OPEN

Comment to claim

Plush base by thekingtheory​
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4-tailed kitsune
Good luck, they look cute : ) You mention picking any species but have listings for 4 specific designs so that may be a little confusing to people. Just a heads up. It looks like you make cute designs :)