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Most loathed game you have ever played


Cecret Blown Susiness.
Oh god.. The choices...
I'd have to go with WoW... The amount of boredom that game generates is insane. My friends tricked me into that trainwreck, and after 20 levels of sheer boredom and BG'ing I quit.


World of Warcraft. Easily, the death of MMORPGs.

... and it's been the death of all my favorites; it even caused SOE to attack SWG like there was no, over-simplistic tomorrow.


pissy esoteric
Cyber-cop for the Genesis.

Oh, and the BattleTech/MechWarrior series. The iconic mech designs that just seems to not want to evolve offends my weaboo mechnazi eyes. :|

Armored Core fo lyfe


Big 'Modo
I think it'd have to be Clock Tower 3.

As fun as it was playing as some backwards English schoolgirl in the middle of a pretty much baron boarding school and having to actually hide your way to success instead of the typical Survival horror malarkey of shoot first and use Green Herb later...

The novelty soon worn off and I generally hated playing this game.

Also Animal Crossing, not because I hate it. I genuinely enjoy the game. I just get angry at myself because I can spend HOURS shifting stuff about my house to try and make it look perfect T_T


Pack Guar
There are many games I've played that I've hated, but Two Worlds made a new class of hate for me. Dear lord.


Pants suck.
I should be ready to be skinned for this one.



Most over-rated game evar.


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FINAL FANTASY VII. Most over-rated game evar.
I agree on that. I think for many, the game holds a lot of sentimental value because if was their first RPG ever. The story was incomplete and full of holes. Worse, it focused WAY too much on filler content. A good game, yes, above average... but great? Legendary? No.

I think the nostalgia factor is far more overpowering than the game was.

That, and I was annoyed at the lead villain. Rufus? How can ANYBODY named Rufus be a badass? For a main villain he was, well... meek. Most would argue Sephiroth was the real villain, and while he may have been the final, he did very little to drive the plot forward or post any sort of threat next to Rufus. Awesome character design, copious amounts of cool factor, but he paled compared to Golbez and Kefka. Or most other villains.

For me? I think the most loathed game I've played is now Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm. After five minutes into it, I went "I've made a mistake! A horrible, horrible mistake!".


I'm the reanimator...
Recently found a game called Austin Powers: Operation Trivia.
I was about 10 when we bought this game and I thought it would be movie trivia, when it is in fact trivia about the 60s and 70s. Sorry all of you older folks but I loathe this game for its misleading title...


Any game with the name "alex kidd" in the title, I mean that's a pretty good indication of a shit game... Or any reference to the game taking place in L.A.


I would have to say Sims 2. I mean, cmon. Of all things you can be doing with your time other than making your sims do their homework... like doing your homework! :/

Recently found a game called Austin Powers: Operation Trivia.
I was about 10 when we bought this game and I thought it would be movie trivia, when it is in fact trivia about the 60s and 70s. Sorry all of you older folks but I loathe this game for its misleading title...

Holy crap my parents had that game O.O


DJ Comet
I think Phantasy Star: Universe tops the list for me

Sonic Team took one of the best RPGs I had played (Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2) and raped it with horrible voice acting, a bad storyline (why didn't they stick to the deep government conspiracy plotline of Online? ), and the idea of "lol. ammo." which screwed over the combat system. On top of that, you can't just walk out and fight, you can only do missions, which means your first 2 hours of the game in free mode is of you playing the only mission you can actually do at level 1-10 over and over and over

That and they really messed around with the races, they should've stuck to the setup they have always used, especially since the androids are no longer the power race but an accuracy race, and the whole class system went to hell. Personally, I think that unless they can find a balancing factor to put the beast race into the original race setup from Online, they should just scrap them.

The only things I like about the game is the animation is better as well as graphics, and the combat system is improved but only in certain areas, mainly the movement while attacking, strafe, lockon, and using firearms with lockon and first person. I hate the new setup where you can't assign A B and X though, that was the most clean and sexy setup you could possibly have for the game, set attacks and techniques to A B and X, and for those with R held down

meh...I tirade about this game too much XD


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I'm attempting to decide between this Spawn game I tried, or the game they made for the Saphira movie. I was midway through the boss battle on the Spawn title when it suddenly hit me that I was having zero fun. Sure, the cape was kinda cool, but the controls felt clunky, and I felt sorry for the boss 'cause all his polygons were showing. Blech. Saphira was also incredibly boring. They simply threw you into a fight, you finished it, you got a cut-scene to advance the storyline, and then you get thrown into another battle. Another blech.

Verin Asper

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Shaq Fu for SNES...damn cousins left it at my place, I did them a favor of burning it, then promptly tossing it into the pool


Oni because the game controls were shoddy, in my opinion. The gameplay sucked almost as much as the graphics. It was merely a tits and ass game for men.

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery because the graphics lacked and so did the fighting system. The controls are hard to get control of and sometimes you don't even know where you are half the time.


Pikmin and Pikmin 2. I can't remember when I last played either one of them, but I remember that I freaking hated them, and was disappointed that I spent almost $50 bucks on two pieces of shit.

Also, the Baldurs Gate games.
Diablo. I just couldn't stand that game. But I love starcraft. go figure.

I loved that game, and Diablo 2. I have both of them sitting on my desk currently, although with a broken-ass computer I cant even play those.

On a side note, I hated Blacksite: Area 51. It had potential but was ruined by crappy execution.