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Most strangest fetishes in furry community?

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Well-known Monkey
I find transformations to be strange. But then, I kinda want to have art of Rimna where he transforms from a skinny monke boi to a Great Golden Ape from DBZ. Well, or at least he goes Super Saiyan and his fur gets all golden and he becomes very muscular.

But I don't understand how these things work as a fetish, because for me - I don't feel like it is one, so I have no idea.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
straight women

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
Holding h*nds and staring into each other’s e*es, before marriage.
People ain’t right I tell ya that.

>New account
>First post is a necro from a years old thread

Am I the only one who have noticed this pattern of trolls? Do I have to point it out every time?
It’s your duty!


I have a very niche fetish that is very up there when it comes to strange fetishes.
So much so that I'm wary of showcasing it even in fetish spaces online.
Kinkshaming is likely.

It's not illegal or morally bankrupt but many find it gross and disturbing.
I mean it could be worse, but oof.
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