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MP3 Help


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I just got a new MP3 player today (last one was stolen by my dip-shit, stoner brother and sold for pot) and I'm putting my music back on it and when I put on certain bands it will say something like this

3 Inches of BloAdv
...And Justice
3 Inches of Bl
Advance and Va

Basically it's missing information and switching random song titles and stuff...

It's a Coby MP610-4G and I'm using Windows Media Player (the most recent one)... help?


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The manual says to use Windows Explorer to copy music to it. Does it still happen doing that?


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Quick solution, since it's new, is to get it exchanged or refunded. You do still have the receipt, right?

It sounds almost like the player doesn't know how to deal with LFN, what every version of Windows since 95 and NT4 uses to store long file names on FAT partitions. (File names longer than the old MS-DOS 8.3 limit, anyway.)


It's a Coby

There's your problem...

I'd take it back and get something from a better company, after seeing my mom's RCA and my dad's unknown chinese MP3 player, I'd say getting a brand name one is worth it. If you can't spend much the Sandisk Sansa Clip looks to be a good choice.

Taren Fox

I love my Zune and iPod. You can get a Zune pretty cheap online these days.