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Recently, me and two friends have hit a dilemma where we all play games, but we don't have any games that all of us like to play together. So, I was wondering if anyone had game suggestions that were similar to what I currently like.

I'm a big fan of team-based action PvP games. Examples are Team Fortress 2, Titanfall 2, Rocket League, Battlefield 1, and Fistful of Frags.

And, so you know, there are games that fit into this category that I've tried and ultimately disliked including Overwatch, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, and For Honor. Obviously, suggesting one of these games would be a bit redundant.

One more thing, I play on PC only.

Any feedback is appreciated, so thanks.


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Yo! I got suggestions. My pals have been playing steam games lately, ill list a some of the ones i've had fun with. All of these are coop and can have up to 4 players, are relatively inexpensive and a ton of fun in few hour sessions.

>Risk of Rain. (A 2d platformer/shooter with randomly generated levels)
>Hero's of hammer watch (top down fantasy rouge like)
>Dont starve together (survival game)
>Manaco (Coop Stealth heist)
>Dungeon of the endless (hybrid action tower defense)


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You could try left 4 dead on versus, it's what I'm playing right now, minus the versus because my internet is abysmal.