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Multiple Sclerosis Thread



I have a Aunt who suffers a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis and I also heard it can be quite painful to have.


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My grandpa has it. The symptoms are different for different people. Someone suffer a strong pain, my grandpa said he doesn't really have a strong pain, more like an itchiness everywhere. It became a bit better since he started to take tecfidera. It is very important to remind them to take their meds on time. That's the key here!
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Perhaps tangential, but my mother has pretty severe myasthenia gravis and gets her IV therapy treatment alongside lots of other patients with MS. She's made quite a few good friends there. I also go to that center (for different reasons) and have met many of the fine folks there. One gentleman likes to forage around the woods that surround the infusion center for the wild berries that grow there. He's a gem.

Anywho, I don't have much personal experience but thought I would pipe up as some form of solidarity! <3