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Music of your childhood

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
What music do you associate with your childhood that makes you nostalgic when you hear it?
For me it would be:

beanie the sleepy kitty

a cat who loves naps!
When I was about 4 years old, a new rock station started airing on the local radio; called "99.9 The Buzz". My big brother and I listened it to it every single day.

Here are some of my most favorite songs from back in those days:

(I loved Space Jam when I was little)

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy

Judge Spear

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I really really really liked Japanese music growing up.

Songs like this made me feel like I was looking out a window or taking a deep breath of cool air. I've realized recently that I relive more memories listening to this kind of music.


A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream

i'm not even american and this show and theme song still make me patriotic as hell.


Daedric Prince of Secrets
I remember my brother and I listening to this on CD all the time, quite a many years past.



Dragon Doodler with a Tail Snake
Heres a few songs that stayed in the back of my mind that literally remind me of my childhood.

My father had the Transformers Movie on a VHS Tape... So whenever it came on this song was in my mind.

I remember going to a kid's disco where this started playing.

When I would go to "Haven Holidays" a UK holiday camping site. This song would always play. I still remember the layout of a few of the camp sites.
Just good memories spending time with my grandparents.

Another song that also makes me think of spending time with them.

For some odd reason I listened to this music on "Imeem" a music platform when i was playing WoW The Burning Crusade when i was in Highschool.
Exploring Hellfire Peninsula. I immediately remember going to the alliance city there.

Judge Spear

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I grew up on Cameo. Fucking love these songs. Some of the most fun, light music with such varied sounds. They loved their guitar and sax solos. Goofy, fun music videos. One of my favorite music videos and listening to them takes me WAY back.

My father had the Transformers Movie on a VHS Tape... So whenever it came on this song was in my mind.

You and me both. This movie was all around fire, but the music was some standout shit. Even the less talked about non vocal songs like that massive song during the AutoBot City siege in the beginning were all great. Thoroughly great music from beginning to end. The BEST version of the Transformers theme too?
Hunger and Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way were my favorites.

Also much love to OutKast. I remember when Roses was new and was the hottest song for good reason.


I bathe in the blood of my competition..UwU
my alarm clock used to play born for this by the score