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Music production thread


New Member
Hi guys , recently I've started making an electronic music in my FL Studio 12
And looking for someone to collab
Genres: Techno,Darkwave,Dubstep,Downtempo
My packs:
www.lucidsamples.com: 126 BPM Pumpin Tech House - 1351 High Quality Loops & Samples
www.samplephonics.com: Royalty Free Immersive Downtempo Sample Library

If someone interested , contact me.



The Empress has Returned
OMG I NEED THIS STUDIO!!! I wanna collab but I'm still relatively new to the game (I'm still a bedroom producer). Friendly bump, tho ^w^


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
I do music too, but I am still learning. I mainly do Future Bass/Prog House. I'm always down for collab work even if its just for learning/practice. However you say you use FL. I'm an Ableton Live user