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Music that breaks you.


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I lived a Norman Rockwell childhood and the song Daddy by Korn just breaks me. It's about the lead singer admitting to child sex abuse and his parents not believing him. (Despite the title, it wasn't actually his that father who abused him.)

Similarly, Names by Cat Power for the same reason. I worked in special education for students with emotional disabilities and I could seriously give the name of real kids who lived through the abuse she sings about.

Luka by Suzanne Vega was a top 40 hit in the late-1980s about a boy being beaten by his father:

Her song "Song of the Stoic" from 2014 is the sequel about the man Luka became.

Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side of Heaven - about veterans suffering with PTSD.

FFDP - Gone Away - A cover of the Offsopring song is the same.

youtu.be: Five Finger Death Punch - Gone Away (Official Video)

Billy Joel - Goodnight Siagon - Similar about about Vietnam. My brother was a Marine in the early-1990s and it got to me back then.

youtu.be: Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon (Official Video)

Johnny Cash - Hurt - An old man realizing he's dying soon singing about the people he hurt as a younger man. The original song is about a drug addict apologizing to those he hurt as an addict.

youtu.be: Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Music Video)

Maybe I'm drunk and I'm weepy, but this music sets me off.


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I really like that last one. Music + msuic video + PSA.
I just wish things like this got more traction instead of half-naked women eating cheeseburgers.


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I can think of so many good ones just by Jewel alone (her first album was so good, if you're into folk-y stuff). I either heavily relate to these, either that or I'm just an emotional person in general... Which I am!

And everything by Colter Wall basically melts me. His emotion is so raw and on display, you can definitely feel it.



Hello, Proto
I don't listen to music that makes me sad deliberately.
Also don't listen to the radio so my exposure to semi-randomness is at a low.

Last song I chose to listen to that made me sad was Cash's rendition of Hurt.

Sometimes if I'm driving around with someone else, a song comes up I recognize, one that held significance in a past relationship, and I have to ask to change it.
That happened recently but I forget what the song was.

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Music that breaks me? It has to be Resident Evil: Vendetta's soundtrack. The End Credits are a mix of tense, rush feeling. And the harp, the soothing vocals, rounded with a final boss like finisher turns anyone on their seat upside down for sure.

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
If you think this, then please, listen to Hanz Zimmer. That ma
All you fools are posting incorrect songs.


n is a god of music. Or Thomas Bergersen. Real, true legends there. *Epic tear*


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Idk why but for some reason I have a really hard time listening to Puff The Magic Dragon, even though it’s a really great and classic folk rock song. I just find it so sad haha.



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This instrumental piece is a tear jerker; I don't cry on many songs; but, some instrumental pieces tug at the heartstrings.


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It translates not as a love song, but the contemplating of raping a woman. Hurts because wife and son sing it annd find nothing wrong:
This literally asks if she put up a fight and wow...
Pretty much rape/sexual assault/violence glamorization songs in general. You hear them on the radio all the time and it's disheartening when you hear kids singing them.

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This song right here makes me sob like a baby every time.

Edit: Yup, I'm crying rn