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Music You Forgot Existed


The local coffee addict
Recently, I was on youtube listening to my go to happy song "Over The Rainbow" By IZ(He has a large name so we'll keep it at that!)

I decided to see one of the related videos and boy oh boy the nostalgia hit me to when I was young!

Have you wonderful people recently discovered songs you forgot?


Imma bat in yer rafters
I was into green day and foo fighters in elementary and middle school. I completely forgot about them until now.


Those old but extremely catchy songs that used to be popular as hell back in 2009.



The token panda
I have one I didn't forget existed, but have searched all over the internet for, for like.. literally years and can not find anymore,

its called cherry cola or something.. cherry pop? I don't remember the name completely, but its from a band called starwhisp, and it sounds like the gremlins singing rock pop. I found it on the old cnet download site for music.


Inept Abecedarian
David Thomas Broughton and Larmousse were two such artists, although in the former case I had forgotten the name but not the music.


Caffeine-based lifeform.
Most of the stuff from my teen years, local Aussie bands in particular. Grinspoon is one I remembered a while ago that, in particular, seems to fallen into obscurity despite being a really big thing in Australia around 2002-2007. It's pop-rock and I guess falling out of fashion is pretty typical for pop-anything, though. I don't listen to pop-rock much any more.


Here. Some nostalgia right in the fucking kokoro, desu!~


Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope
I remember when I was a kid there were these song that came with my computer, I think it was Windows XP, that I used to listen to all of the time. Unfortunately, I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for them.