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Musical Furrys


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I would like to know what instruments you play, and what kind of music you play on them.

I play the drums and VIBRAPHONE (in caps to help you remember what its called...but you won't) and i play mostly jazz and rock.:D


Hawt Dawg
I play drums too. I play to a lot of rock songs, but me and my dad play a blues rock often. If I have the time, I also jam on bass a little.


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I play the tuba, the sousaphone(basically a giant tuba used for marching band), and the electric guitar

I can play 90% of Through the Fire and Flames on my Ibanez Flying V.:cool:

Tails Fox

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I sing and play guitar (electric and acoustic), but vocals are my preference... Mostly I like to play Oasis songs, Guns N' Roses and classic rock. I'd consider myself between the rock/hard rock category


Guitar and piano for about 9 years now and I occasionally sing. I like to play just about anything.


Sing as a Bass 2, play trumpet, ocarina, theramin, guitar, and piano, and can whistle on a piece of grass if the moisture outside is juuust right.

...*fwee!* <3


i play a little guitar... >.> who doesnt though?

i really injoy the trumpet.. which i mostly just play my favorite ska songs or come up with my own
used to be in my own ska band called "blue duck"

id really like to get beter at playing the guitar hero controler though ^__--

Kite Wanderlust

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I've played the Alto Saxophone for about 9 years. I joined a Ska band recently (we even have a song about a dragon furry, it's happy) so now I finally get to play what I want to, instead of the boring sheet music parts the conductor would give the saxes.

Never was in marching band though. I saw it eat my friend's lives, which scared me off for good.

Did guitar, both acoustic and electric, for a little while, but didn't have the dedication to stick with it, so I sold them off.


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I play the guitar. And I like to sing.


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Been playing the piano on and off since I was like six or something, guitar for five years (though I'm still relatively bad for someone who's been playing that long), and I played the French horn in middle school and freshman year of high school.

I've been studying music theory mostly by myself for five years. I'm currently in Music Theory II at my school. I know way more than is required to write stuff, which I do occasionally.
I really want to learn how to play the piano one of these days. I would pretend to play it when I was board, despite how sad that sounds.


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Flute for 6 years
Electric/acoustic guitar for 2
Bass for 2 years
Drums and keyboard On and Off for about a year
Just lately have gotten really into vocals, I can't get enough eh?


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4 string bass and 6 string guitar. I love piano and can barely play. Can't play drums to save my life.


Black Fennec ^_^
I can play the piano, but I'm not great. I keep stopping and starting and have yet to actually learn anything off by heart.


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Hmm... well, in my younger days, I played drums, guitar, piano (and thus also synths) and the flute. Haven't played for years though. Also used to sing, which is largely done in private now. :p
im totally a vocalist... i was in choir for many years, and i sing a high soprano... mostly tool and soundgarden songs, but i can do apc and audioslave and amy lee and system of a down... just sounds different, what with the choir training... if youre interested, i can email ppl some snippets...



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I've been a trained singer since I was 5 or so? (Choir boy. e.e) So 15 years.

I play most things with strings or keys; Guitar (6 and 12 string), baritone and bass guitar (4-10 string), violin and viola-- All about 6 years now. Piano, 10 years ish? Harpsichord, too. I often apply those skills to electronic keyboards. I'm not so good with wind instruments. n_n; I'm not a bad turntablist, either.

I'm a so-so drummer, but I most often end up playing keys/synths, guitars and vocals. I play -everything-. When asked what I play, I usually reply 'sound', as I dislike labels or limits.

My vocal range is baritone to low soprano, I think I have a nice vibrato on my higher notes. I like to go back and forth between languages in my pieces; I've written everything I can think of, from power metal to jazz, symphony to electronica to hip hop to ska, to...Yes. o_O

I just make sounds, okay. U_U;

I usually end up playing power metal when I play with friends though, because that's what most of my friends are most heavily into and the area we agree on most. I play an ESP MH-400, mostly stock except that I changed my tuners and tremolo arm to silver. I use a Marshall 100HDFX slant half stack, a butt-load of different effects (though I like my DigiTech GNX4 best), and an Audio Technica AT4040 mic.

I typically prefer Elixir super-light strings, and Dunlop's Jazz-III picks. <3


Uses lots of sarcasm.Seriously
**CHallenges Toxxy to some rock band**