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Musicians: Post your latest song submission!


Anti-Myth Rhythm Rock Shocker
I create all genres but as of right now I only have two posted here's the first, it's meant to make fun of battlefield bad company 2 in the style of a nofx song.


I guess I'll have my way
with you in Nelson Bay
I remember Port Valdez
The first time you gave me head.
We then played hide-the-weasel,
in the town Valparaiso.
It'll never be the same.

I went to see my future wife
as I evaded mortar strikes.
I thought I saw a recon, maybe two.
I smiled as I looked off,
then I grabbed my Carl Gustav.
I'll probably need this to get home to you.

Maybe I should have checked,
I knew what was in store.
Hopped into a tank and then jihaded with C4.
You know just what I want,
it is my special task.
I really need to get inside that tight, little White Pass.

I spam Q to spot your clit,
I'm getting Pussy Points for this assist.

I come up with a scheme,
to quickly reach you switching teams.
I try in vain to lower my own health.
My mind's on innuendos,
now I'm stuck inside window.
Can someone tell me how to kill myself?

I'm in Delta Squad,
on a secret mission.
When I'm done I'll use my tongue,
to do some deep sea fishing.
Drop an ammo pack,
while you lie on your back.
40mms more effective than my peter.

Panama Canal-lingus,
I'm never gonna wash my fingers!

Victory and climax is near,
won't you make the final push?
If you can't finish her off,
with cock then you must eat some bush.
Watch out, though, I hear she is a
dirty, nasty pussy-farter.

You're losing this erection... fuck harder.

I could use a band... preferably a fur-band .... lawl i just solocompse right now

BTW: voice is purposely shitty fat-mike style : ) there'll be more later with my actual voice.


~Foxy loves oreo~