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Musicians: Post your latest song submission!




Fat-Roll Spelunker
This is a shortened sample of whats going to be the final track on my upcoming album (due out by the end of June if I stay on the ball).

It's a much more mellower affair than my usual stuff, and with a spoken word poem over it.

FUTILITY: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3957763

Relentless life, endless pain, suffering sublime
To find meaning where none exists
Spinning in chaos
A stone sinking in a lake of nothing.

This dichotomy of despair, and longing for purpose
This futile endeavor
Running in circles
Corridors that lead to nowhere
Stairs that ascend to a fall
A bottomless pit that consumes hope
Like a Ravenous singularity!

One can pray to empty skies for release
One can pray for the sweet release of death
But death can pnly lead to another realm of suffering
Or perhaps nothing at all...if you are lucky

Like sparks we flare in this dark eternity
A fleeting existence, gone before one can blink
Leaving nothing in a void of nothing
Time means nothing

And what is time but a manmade concept
To measure intervals between seperate events and occurances
Time, in fact is not a quantifiable dimension
Not in the way we perceive it

Time is nothing
Space is nothing
Life means nothing...
...Embrace the emptiness.




Three latest things, all from a new name behind their genre:

From now I'll be making gabber, hardcore and hardstyle tracks under the name of my Second Life character, Arthas Hambleton.


smell-good badger
I have a music project called Cardboard Revolution, which I make music that mocks big things in society (so far religion) I haven't had time to work on anything recently, but I made a quick song using a simple metal riff and drum beat. so far it has no bass or lead guitar, but I plan to re-edit the whole thing as well. I haven't been able to update the page recently so there is a lot of information I need to change.


I just made this song to piss off a bunch of Christian kids. Some people laugh at it, others laugh with it.