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Musicians: Post your latest song submission!


Frisky Dingo
I make stuff with lots of clicks and beeps. Here's a tune I did a while ago called "Sad Truth". If anybody likes glitchy stuff they should give it a listen.
And thanks in advance for checking it out ;) I'm working on getting caught up on all the other songs in this thread.


Fat-Roll Spelunker
Heres another one I basically just shat out yesterday. Finalized it today with a couple of shitty guitar solo's (I'm not really a shred kinda guy, unlike most metal musicians....I just do what I do and hope it at least fits the song).

Anyway this one is more straight forward old-school death metal, but the mid section is more black metal I guess. Whatever it is, it's metal.

Anywayz, here it is: "Programmed For Murder"


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
Got some new music right here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2080146/ A demo-ish version of what will be track one on my next album.

!!Warning!! Heavy Metal! If you like Dimebag or Dave Mustaine, stick around until the end!


I keep reading the title as "Mexicans: etc" gosh >______>
My latest tune, and perhaps my best:


It's Chillout/Breakbeat with guitar, strings, vocals and a subtle flutes.
Comments/watches would be really cool ^^ :D
this is actually really nice. I like how chill C: