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Musicians: Post your latest song submission!


Heres my latest song if you like it be my first subscriber xD i need to spread the channel a bit haha
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erm I am super new to forums but I am trying to maybe get my music out there little by little so here is a Drum and Bass song I made a week ago.

This is very goofy and upbeat/happy drum and bass and not something you would sacrifice something to. Its called im losing it


ADDITION: any help pertaining to the editing of this song would be loved. There are some issues with my set up that are explained in the descriptions and any tech and mastering help would be very much so appreciated
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Well...i may as well post some stuff.
Here's a Zelda cover. I tried to make a good effort with the crappy software i use (soundation...a free web based version of your typical music software...not very good, but its good enough for a beginner)


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Here's a few songs, hope that's alright c:

An Eternal Journey - A trancy trance song! My influences from the 90's trance scene surely poke through.

Super Sewer Shortcut Stage! - A fun chiptune song, with very unobvious references! Also using an emulation of the Sega Genesis sound chip, the YM2612!

A Land of Mangoes - A short tune, that I hope to work on once I have the motivation to do so! Also utilizing the amazing Sega Genesis sound.