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Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

hi there. newbie to furaffinity here. but i've been writing music forever. figured i'd share my incredible music with all you incredible people.

my songs are designed for stereo enjoyment and i will be personally offended if you try listening to my music through speakers in a laptop, tv or phone. this is for headphones and stereo speakers. cars give a better feel than anything to what a song really sounds like. i sink my heart and soul into each composition and i focus on it individually until it has been completed or is satisfying to my ears. enjoy, share, browse, comment and let me know what you're thinking.

as much as i try to listen to new music, i generally can't stand to listen to hip hop, techno, r&b (the shitty style r&b is today, not the real r&b back in the day) and remixes, or basically anything today which is entirely computerised. it's not personal but my criticism wont start with the music, it will start with the style and i wont bother with it. i tried but it's.... aweful. not because it's not popular, but because it's not useful or enjoyable for me. it's painful all around. on the plus side, i've heard more remixes and techno from here than i've heard anywhere else, so, you can be happy knowing i tried, but other than that, i can't be honest.

my music is with real instruments and real configurations. nothing is digital here from me, except the signal since, you know, you're not listening to it on a tape or vinyl.

Hear My Name and tell everybody about it. :)

thanks to everybody so far who has made me feel welcome and has been apparently honest. it's refreshing (for the internet).

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!


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