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mxm/mxf switch roleplay 18+ wanted


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Please read all of the post. DO NOT comment here DM ME PLEASE

I'm interested in a role-play that leans more on story and lore with heavy fetishes. 18 plus content on the side with a lot of buildup but NOT being a main focus. dm me for more details on that if you want.

My style is to role-play both dominant, and submissive, not by role play but by the situation in the moment. The dominant role sometimes being shared between the two. With the dominant character being playful and playing rough, rather than the dominant character being rude and aggressive . my character is not fully submissive although depending on what character you play, and the scenario in which we met (among other things) my character wouldn't play a dominant role per say. Rather my character be submissive but have the ability to dominate if he's so wished but choosing to submit to your will and enjoying that fact.

At no point do I want your character to be scared of mine due to who my character would be and how much power they actually have. I would rather have your character admire, respect and truthfully loves my character and not only enjoys being in charge of him but also wants to make him happy at the same time.( details on that later)

I like having my character have a servant relationship with your character ( my character being the servant) while your character may have a romantic interest in my character that would start at first sight and get more and more intense as the role-play progresses.

(extreme fetishes ahead you have been warned)

I have some ideas, but I've been wanting to get dominated lately.

I prefer big fat muscular characters. ones with gigantic fat bellies, huge butt, and strong muscular arms. And big numbers

Think fat body builder like the blob from X-Men. My DMs are open. when you message me, tell me what you're here for. and what you want. I have a bad memory, and I'm not a mind reader. Half the time. people come to me, and they forget why. and then we end up not doing anything, and they leave. it gets on my nerves.
If anybody who has done that to me is reading this. you know who you are, and while I'm not very upset I'd rather not have that again.

I have multiple ideas that I want to do at the moment but I'm open to suggestions as well please feel free to contact me in DM

Please add in your preferences including your dues and don'ts and your fetishes/kinks

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Stop the code and leave your answer in your DM to me as proof that you read this far