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[MxM] Straight and to the point


RP Enthusiast and Yeen
I've done my fair share of RP adverts on here, but this time I'm keeping it short and simple. Here's what this is about:
- I have multiple sona's/OC's (all males) that I can use, and would prefer you to play as a male character, preferably your own character (IRL gender does not matter to me, as long as there's 2 males in the RP). Please also be 18+.
- I am looking for semi-literate to literate partners. I myself type about anywhere from 4-6 sentences to 2-3 paragraphs max (depending on how literate we both are). I am also looking for partners who have little grammatical mistakes. It is fine if it happens here and there, though.
- I am looking for people who are willing to do story-driven RPs. I can do pretty much any genre, and generally don't really have a preference. I do however generally don't have pre-thought out ideas, so please be willing to throw some of your own creativity/ideas into the ring, to figure out a plot.
- Generally speaking I'm down to do RP's based in certain fandoms, but it's up for discussion. I prefer to do fandoms we both know about, or at least a little bit.
- I do both NSFW and SFW RP's, but I prefer NSFW RP's, as long as there's build-up to the NSFW. There has to be some kind of relationship or friendship established before stuff goes down. Kinks will be discussed in DMs, if you'd like to do an NSFW RP.
- If any of this interests you, please contact me on Discord. (FA notes is also possible, but I heavily prefer Discord.)
Discord: C4theSlime#9434