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My Anatomy and other stuff need critics


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well if you want the more realistic anatomy, the obvious thing is to make the female waist wider. At this point if she existed in real life her spine would break in half :eek:

Your facial structures and expressions are lovely- can't see anything wrong there

I'd say for the male anatomy it looks pretty good, except the pecs are a tad too big. The muscle connects to the upper arm, so take that into mind too.

If you want realistic anatomy, it actually really helps to practice using anatomy models from textbooks and such. To know where each muscle actually is, is a factor into how a character moves as well.


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Bumping for future critique when FurAffinity is once more operational.

Also: Critique etiquette ever-so-slightly frowns upon posting an entire gallery with little to no direction as to what needs to be assessed; you'll receive many more responses to a question of anatomy if you post only one or two images.


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i like your facial expressions, and proportion looks pretty decent


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Take this with a grain of salt. I don't think there are enough good critiques given in the fandom, so I'm trying to do my part.

First: I can tell that you're using construction lines to get the general shape of your characters. This is good. Keep doing this. You just need some work on proportions.

Brandice needs more mass between her boobs and her hips. With the structure she has, she doesn't have the core muscles necessary to hold her torso up.

Trevor has more of a feminine shape. Remember that males in general have hips that are narrower and taller than females, who have wide hips. Trevor has awesome girl hips, unfortunately he's supposed to be male. In addition, his pecs are taking up way too much room in his torso - your pecs end about where your sternum (breastbone) stops)

In general, both figures have necks that aren't wide enough to support their heads and their arms are too short - resting arms that are just hanging down should have their elbows about in line with the bottom of the ribcage.

As for face construction, it's highly anime/manga derived. On the descriptions of each of those faces that you drew, you stated what species each character was. I'm sure glad you stated that, because there was no way I could tell otherwise.

I'd recommend digging up some references and practicing sketching human proportions. You can find Loomis' books here: http://placidchaos.com/AM/index.php/2006/02/21/andrew_loomis

He's the authority when it comes to learning how to draw figures.

Hope this helped.