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My art is off-putting and terrible.


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I have been trying for several years to impress the furry community, but I continue to fail. It's mostly because of the lack of feedback that I just now get the epiphany that my art needs fixing and that there is something wrong with it. I am fully aware that my anatomy is not the best and I am fully aware that my poses feel stiff. The thing is, a lot of other artists indulge in the lack of anatomy and they are revered regardless.



My colored works seem to especially be a problem. People say that it is "disturbing," or even "uncanny valley." I have no idea what they are talking about. It's evident I can't fix this on my own because I can't see the problem.

Despite the popularity of furry webcomics, mine in particular garners little to nothing despite two years of dedication. (warning: nudity)



Okay, so it may be also because of the fact that the comic is pretty dark and violent, but hey, there should be an audience for that too.



I don't know if I'll get the answers here, but I guess what I'm looking for is not necessarily critique, but more or less advice for how to appeal to the community better. I'm going to lay it out right now: I am seeking attention. I don't need money. I have a well-paying job and a decent amount of free-time (that I'm mostly spending on personal projects like the comic above). I just need help. I cannot fix myself. It is through the feedback of others that I have realized that even after all these years, there is something in my art driving people away, and I want to change. I don't care if my style is unique. I want a LOT of people to really enjoy my art. I'm sorry if this whole thing sounds stupid, but I don't know of any other way to communicate all this, and it's time to stop bottling it up.


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Your art is anything but awful . If i tried to draw anything and post it the forum would vote unanimously to have my hands removed.


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If you want my honest opinion, the first two are almost off putting due to the flatness of the faces. Your comics may not be professional looking, but the line work is decent. Try reworking proportions and composition, that renamon seemed a little too thick to me.


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The big thing more so than anything else is your faces. Quite frankly they range from okay and uninteresting to absolutely horrifying (that Krystal in particular Jesus). If I were you I would experiment with how you do faces and look to popular-ish people you like and adopt certain aspects of their style to yours. You're in a better place than a lot of people, just change those faces they're like kryptonite.

Also work on your proportions since they're kinda wonky.


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You need to ask yourself a question; Do you draw because you enjoy art? Or do you just draw because you want to be well known?
If you don't have any sort of real passion or enjoyment for what it is you're doing, then it will be reflected in your artwork. And in my personal opinion, if you're drawing shit purely to get popular, then you should just stop now.

Your same-face syndrome and poor anatomy/proportions would be due to ignorance of foundations and studies in general. This would also be the cause of your inability to see a lot of your own flaws for yourself.
Which sort of raises another thing, you're aware of a few of your own problems, but you're using another person's flaws as an excuse not to improve? If you know what you need to work on, then work on it.
You have a massive amount of resources and information at your fingertips - à la the internet. Put in a little effort and use it.

You say you don't care about being unique too - why? People like uniqueness. People like different things. People will not notice what is the same in a crowd of thousands - but they will notice what stands out and is different from all others.
Here's the cool part: Everybody is unique. You will always offer something nobody else could. The only thing you need to do is put in the effort and time in order to develop yourself. Then people will eventually begin to notice.

Really. You need to focus less on this popularity endeavor and more on improvement. Study the foundations of art, study anatomy, study life. The more you learn, the better you will see your own mistakes and improve over all.
If you feel you're not intuitive enough to go about learning about art yourself, you should maybe consider taking classes. We have stickied threads in this section of the forum which could maybe help you out.

It kind of makes me sad that you seem to care more about being popular than you do about your artwork itself.
Your artwork reflects this, and it simply will never go away if you're not truly willing to work on improving yourself, and your drawings.

Uh... I don't really know what to say. You said you didn't come here for critiques, and so these are my thoughts on what you said.
Art is hard work. It takes a lot of effort, and passion. Doesn't really matter how long you may have been drawing for - If you're not willing to provide these things, then you won't ever really improve, and I don't see why you should keep bothering.

I have been trying for several years to impress the furry community, but I continue to fail.
You answered your own questions within the first sentence of your thread. As you continue to draw for the reasons you seem to, then you will continue to fail. You are a pilot flying in a paper airplane, yo.
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never thought I'd agree with Hewge on much of anything...but in this case, I do. If you do art for the approval of others, it takes away from the soul that you put into the work and tends to detract from the overall outcome. Art is an expression of the artist, and needs to come from the heart. Focus more on making art that expresses who you are and less on art that impresses others and it will help in the long run. Remember: you are your harshest critic, and if it can meet your own expectations, it'll be more than good enough for the general populous.


Time destroys everything.
You need to ask yourself a question; Do you draw because you enjoy art? Or do you just draw because you want to be well known?
If you don't have any sort of real passion or enjoyment for what it is you're doing, then it will be reflected in your artwork. And in my personal opinion, if you're drawing shit purely to get popular, then you should just stop now.

And here I was thinking that I would confront whoever would be the first to type anything remotely similar to this. I was angry and stubborn when I made this, but the creation of this stupid topic was apparently just as necessary as it was for you to have posted what you did, and I am thankful for that, really. I guess I should rephrase what I typed down from the start: I don't really want to be popular - that would be horrible. Having to deal with so many stupid and annoying people doesn't sound very pleasant. No, I don't want to be way up there, but I feel I should be getting MORE than what I have. The fact that I've gone this long without much of a change in fanbase made me feel I was doing something wrong.

The making of this topic seems to have yielded something, despite my ramblings. I desperately needed something from the community. Feedback. I think I got more than what I need here, thanks to your and others' criticisms that I believe will definitely help me down the road, specifically Habenero and Pastry. I don't believe my striving for popularity has damaged the outcomes of my works as badly as you say, though, unless you are talking about the anatomy, composition, etc. If you were talking about the subjects of my art, that would be a different story, and despite the amount of fanart I do, I still leave plenty of room for my own characters. As much as a deranged, popularity-seeking ingrate I appear, I think that in the past few years I have improved a great deal. There's been a bit of a stand-still between '13 and now, but with the things you guys pointed out, I think I can now be well on my way for further improvement, especially in my coloring (possibly facial structuring too).

I've observed my own improvement, but I don't feel many others have, and that was what really got me the first time. It was good to receive this kind of criticism from you guys, and now I crave more of it. I will try to utilize as many resources as possible to help me grow further. On that subject, does anyone have any website in particular that would be great for practice in composition, poses, and perspective? Any place dedicated to giving out criticism, or would you guys be fine with me just dumping stuff in another topic?

Once again, thanks for the wake-up call. Even when I do improve down the road and I still don't get much attention, I'll revisit this topic and remind myself to carry the right mindset.


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I'm going to go with hewge and state that if you are drawing for other people and not for yourself, you aren't going to be happy at all.

Also, you want to take the time and look up references and carry around a little sketchbook to practice.
Here's some references.