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My art looks..."flat"


Needs an anthro avatar pic...
Hello all. I've been attempting to draw furs for maybe...4 or 5 months now. One problem I'm constantly running into is that they don't really look 3-d, and instead just are flat characters. I'm not really shading anything when I draw, I just sketch stuff out, but I've seen sketches that look 3-d. If anyone can help on this, thanks. I'll see if I can post an example when I get my scanner up and running.


Hello mate, you really should upload an example if you have a problem.
However, I do know what you mean, and the "3D" look you're after will come with time and practice. 5 months really isn't a very long time, it may take up to a year before you start really seeing some results.
When it comes to just the line art looking 3D, its all the subtle things like the curve of the muscle in an arm, the angle its drawn at, etc. Practice. You'll get there. :)