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Art Trade: My art trade policy. (For future reference.)


Seeing that I myself am capable of making art, I've thought I would update people on my policy for my personal art trades.

1.I art trade, I don't request. The reason is simple, normally I have to 'really' like your character and more than likely I won't feel like I am compelled to draw your character unless they really impress me. I am however always open to listen to a potential art trade.

2.I have to work on my own pace. I have college, please understand I have to put up with entire semesters of trivial bullshit, as such I have "seasons" for art, mostly Summer and Christmas. Please don't think I've forgotten my part, it's just I have to do art when I have time.

3.I am a Sonic OC artist, meaning that anthro style is always experimental. Please understand that I have limitations.

4.My artwork isn't the best, nor do I ever promote it as such. I am fine if you don't like it, it's fine with me. However, here is what I am capable of:

5.Rudeness will not be tolerated. I work on my terms, not yours. This is a good thing, because I then put my best effort when I feel the most satisfied working with someone.

6.Do NOT ask me for NSFW, unless I agree to it. I am generally a SFW artist, I am religious and I don't believe in drawing porn for people on the internet. However, I am also aware that is how we procreate as humans and certain characters I would be fine with suggestive or slightly promiscious material, but I am not your lewd factory. You can ask if that would be okay, but if I imply that I will draw them with clothes then that is part of my terms and conditions, which most of my own characters also have clothes on.
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