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My Band(Grand Schematic)


I Would like some input on my band. We just started about 5 months ago and had our first show almost a month ago. It's hard to describe our music. We have like a thousand different influences and try not to stick to just one sound. Best way i could put it is a blend of progressive rock, post rock, some jazz and jam band elements. We are instrumental and aren't too concerned about it because we all love instrumental music. Heres a link to a video of us and our band page with more videos and songs. We have a pro-shot video of one of the songs, it should be up in a few days. I'm the fat ass bassist by the way LULZ!

[video=youtube;wZhb1S9qH1s]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZhb1S9qH1s[/video] (cracker attacker)

Jam starts around 3:48.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grand-Schematic/175638609147395 (facebook page).


Play from your ****ing HEART
I wish I could hear it better - do you guys have a rough studio recording or anything?

Either way from what I'm hearing I would definitely listen to this. First part is reminding me of Scale the Summit (that's a good thing) with maybe a bit of An Endless Sporadic? It's tight and the talent is definitely there.

It'd be nice if y'all moved around a bit more


Why thank you kind sir. We do have some rough recordings on the band page tab. But we plan on rerecording with the new equipment we have. It was our first show so we were just a little nervous, but i tried to move around as much as i could without looking like a tard. Heres the proshot version of our song "Into phrygia ". The audio is much better :) [video=youtube;ymml8B0DQM0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymml8B0DQM0&feature=channel_video_title[/video]


Play from your ****ing HEART
Cool stuff! And yeah I'd be so nervous that I wouldn't even be able to play because I'm just like that, so props for getting as far as you have. The playing is really tight and it seems that you've either practiced a lot or are all just naturals at this.

Let me know when you have an EP out or something~


I dig your instrumental band. The technicality is fresh, and the guitar sings I thought it was vocals for a second. pretty cool
Here's my start-up rock band. We are a trio right now

vid delete oopps
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@Shane: Good stuff, but would prefer something in better quality. I like instrumentals and I could quite happily listen to yours.

@Lyxen No.


Hey, Assbutt
but seriously, using someone else's thread to promote your stuff is p low

"Hey, I see you're promoting your band, so what I'm going to do, is try to steal away people who might be interested in your band by posting videos of mine."

Lyxen. I dislike you immensely. But being entirely honest, even if it wasn't you, that is still one of the biggest dick moves you can manage, and anyone doing it deserves the scorn.


This is really good, I love instrumental bands :3

I feel bad for the drummer though, all tucked away in a corner like that.

Roz Wolfheart

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i registered on this here forum just to let you guys know yall FUCKIN ROCK. seriously, keep fuckin jammin goddamit. your shit is amazing


Best place to keep a drummer. Away from the real musicians.

Hoho, the delights you come out with, old boy~

I think it's for safety reasons myself. One bad move and suddenly there's a drumstick lodged in your head. Actually, that would be awesome to see. EVERYONE DO THIS NOW.


Thanks for all the input guyzzz. As far as higher quality stuff, we are working on that. Just got some new mics and software. We have sooo much more material to work on about 5 more full songs that just need some fine-tuning. We also have tons of assorted riffs and such.

@lyxen. I ain't pissed at you. However i can see why some people would get pissed.