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My birthday is tomorrow!


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Just wait, you'll see. Happyh b-day and such. Getting older is nothing to celebrate about.


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Just wait, you'll see. Happyh b-day and such. Getting older is nothing to celebrate about.
Each year is another year closer to death and reality stabbing you in the back :V


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Oh, let him be excited. Sure, it was just a number for me, but for others, it's different.

Happy birthday!:D


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Overrated. Why's being so drunk so fun?

It's a right of passage. It's just special to reach that certain age but the excitement doesn't last very long trust me. And being drunk is being drunk, it's just awesome. :cool: [is drunk right now]


man getting old sucks i wish i was 7 so i could date Ren that would be umm interesting well anywho happy day of birthing


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I'll be 18 on the 20th!

I plan on going somewhere that I can buy cigarettes, lotto tickets, vote on something,and buy porn all at the same time! That way I can enjoy the few advantages of being an "adult" before I could end up going to jail and being traded for a candy bar o_O;

I hope you have a happy birthday!


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On year closer to (legal) independence! And half a lifetime ago for me. Enjoy it - these years are the fun ones. :)


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Overrated. Why's being so drunk so fun? =/

Also, this mainly applies if you live within the US. Other countries, you can get it at 18-19.
In the Netherlands, you can buy beer @ 16
You'll still need to be 18 for the interesting stuff though :p (AKA stronger stuff)


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Lol, I turned 18 a month ago. :3
I love it so far! :D

Drinking age in Texas used to be 18 back in the 70's. :/ For some reason they changed it though - too bad. :( Yet another reason to hurry up and get to Canada - it's 18 here in most provinces, 19 in Ontario, and just a suggestion in the territories. :mrgreen: