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My Coloring Contests


out ot my mind
Every few months over on deviantart I've held a coloring contest for my lineart. I announce which lineart is the contest and the prizes inside a journal and then give a deadline. Within a week or two I announce a winner.

Peeking at my lineart, would anyone here be interested if I held one here as well? Prizes over on DA are usually a choice of: paid DA subscription, an antler dust necklace, or a lineart drawing. I also do a feature of your work in a journal.

FA is a bit different than DA so those prizes may be changed a little to match here.



Miss Priss
its a great idea. I wont take part as i dont have a scanner and a digital camera only makes the pic come out like crap. But i support this idea. It sounds good. Lost of peole hold these kinds of contests.