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My Computer!!!!! (and a rant)


I've decided to build myself a computer, even though I am in Egypt and it is probably going to cost me a couple hundred to send back to the states when I come home. Sure is a good thing most companies will ship to APO addresses.

I finally have received all the parts needed to build my computer, and I tell you it is beautiful! It's not the best money can buy, but it's the most I've ever spent on a system, in fact, it is the only desktop computer I've bought and built for myself. I've had two laptops (still use one) and several desktops, most either given to me or owned by someone else. The system runs very well. After dealing with some floppy drive issues, I got Windows XP and hardware drivers installed in about 30 minutes give or take.

WHY? Why has Microsoft NOT graduated into the 21st century here, still requiring a floppy drive to install "3rd party SCSI or RAID" drivers? I thought I could get away with using the external USB floppy drive for the disk that came with the motherboard to get windows installed on the SATA drive. I got it to load the drivers during the first phase of the install, when you press F6 at the beginning, but then when it went into phase 2 (the part where it formats the drives), it asked for the floppy again and could not find the drive anymore. I had to go borrow a drive from a buddy here on post. I hope that mabye the 64 bit version of Windows takes care of this bologna, and allows you to choose any medium from which to install your drivers.


Here are the specs:


Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling (dot com) Silencer 410 ATX RETAIL

Motherboard: ABIT AX8 (onboard gigabit LAN, sound, 4 SATA ports, 3 PATA ports, etc. RETAIL

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ RETAIL

RAM: Geil 2gig (2x1gig) DDR400/PC3200 Unbuffered RETAIL

Video Card: Leadtek GeForce 6800 RETAIL

Hard Drives:
Main: WD 74 Gig 10k RPM SATA Raptor OEM
Secondary: Maxtor 300 Gig 7200 RPM SATA OEM

Optical Drives:
Main: GDR-8163B LG 16x DVD/48x CD (PATA) OEM
Secondary: Plextor 716SA Dual Layer DVD burner (SATA) RETAIL

Monitor: ViewSonic VP171B-2 17" 8ms LCD 1280x1024

NETGEAR WG311 Wireless Adapter (b/g)

External USB Floppy -

A PCI express HDTV tuner card. I'll probably end up getting a regular PCI card unfortunatly.

Send mail to:
182 Brisco Road #R
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420


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I didn't realize you already bought the parts. Heh, I'm stupid. =P


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Also, random note, Microsoft does allow streamlining of installation CDs so you can add your SATA drives to the install. Not that it helps the problem, because you still have to get the custom install CD setup. It's not too difficult to do though.