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My experience with Vista.


Infernal Kitty
Kougar said:
If it worked under XP x64, did you try installing it under XP x64 compatibility mode in Vista? Quite a few apps will work with the correct compatibility mode selected during install, usually because half the time it is a permissions level error during the install on Vista... seems like just about all the Windows centric software companies got pretty lazy about running administrator level priveliges for any and everything.
I tried running the installer in Server 2003 compatibility mode. (There was no XP x64 option.) More of the same. (1) (2) It's definitely a driver problem, not a problem with the installer.

To be fair to the consumer software developers, that has been a safe assumption since Windows was released in 1985. (Not so much for business software, though.)


somberfox said:
Aikon said:
Another cool thing, no more defrag. Rather, it works in the background when you're not awake.

Err, Windows XP does this too.

Ideally it did, I always had trouble getting it, and other things to schedule


fastturtle said:
3) Adobe CS2/3 are currently having problems with Vista. Seems they like to loose images

What do you mean by this? I never heard of any issues with CS2 other than CS2 won't retain the Aero UI, it reverts to Basic when you click on anything on the menu bar. Also, dragging menu's around lags.