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My Favorite Art (Please Critique!)


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Oh goodness I hope this posts right. I’ve never, ever been big on posting in forums/chatting with people online, so I’m just sort of hoping I’ve linked these photos correctly

Anyway, I’m new to FA and getting back into furry art after a very long hiatus. I think my art style has majorly improved since the old days of deviantart and neopets, but I’ve come here looking for any tips, critiques, and creative advice anyone would like to give me.

These are a few of my favorite works I’ve posted to FA, please tell me what you think!


Very nice, lots of character and life to these.
For the characters I'd suggest watching the anatomy on the foreshortened elements (left hand and muzzle is a touch wonky on the 2nd pic) and for backgrounds I'd suggest experimenting with additional gradients to help convey depth.
They look really nice! The colours work well together and the shading works well with the art style. I noticed the face on the dog is a little bit crooked, but that could just be me