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My first attempt at my fursona


Pink Hat

Well, This is it ... does anyone have any ideas of what I should add/subtract to/from the picture?


No time like the present.
It looks a lot like a cartoonish look, is that your aim?
If so, then you don't have to change a whole lot.

But if you want a bit more realism, take a look at an actual Red Fox.
I'm using my insanely powerful psionic powers to manipulate your mind into telling me that you have a Fox fur, right?


Time for IRL pics :D.
But because I am not a fox person (havent' drawn one) all the advice I can give is to look at the fox's anatomy, skeleton, muscles, and skin/fur. Then, after you figure out the animal, start working on human anatomy. Then in your mind combine the two and viola! :D
Yes, it does take a while but it is worth it :D

You might also want to take word of another fox drawer, I am a draconic person ^.=.^; .
Looks more like a cat right now, to me. Ref pics are your friend. Even if you are going for cartoony, eyes should be smaller, the muzzle should be more pronounced, and canines' incisors don't usually poke out from beneath their lips like that.



I'm no professional, but I've been around the ART-block a few times, huh, huh?!


Well, screw you guys...

Anyway, onto whatever this thread is about:
Weeeeeell... at one point, I did have an OC event file that was a quicky sketch, but its fallen away into the deep recesses of my PC, so it isn't being found any time this millenia. So I'll whip you up another quick one... HERE WE GO!
Okay, well, I was about to draw you up one in OC, but I remembered that I did a sketch last night, so I'll show you that instead.
PROFIT! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/539588/