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My First Ever Fursona


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Name: Daxus Smith
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Species: Wolf
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 165 lbs

Appearance: ?????

Hair and fur: Hair is a wild blue mop. His fur is mostly white with a pair of darker blue stripes running down the side of his neck starting just below his jaw. The stripes then run out across the top of his shoulders and down to the back of each hand where they end with a rounded edge.

Markings: Across the back of his shoulders he has black scroll work that make up the points of horns that venture down his back, spreading and turning into a horned skull. This skull takes up the majority of his fur here. Think of it like a tattoo, but it's magically dyed fur. And it's permanent.

Eye color: Green

Other features: He has his tongue pierced and has two silver rings pierced through each ear.

Behavior and Personality: He is a bit of a mess. He loves his social interaction, but is really shy around new people. Especially women. But once you get to know him a bit and make him feel welcome, he is the most loyal friend you could ask for. He spends a lot of time writing, reading and listening to music. He's also a huge nerd. If you bring up video games, comics, movies or tv shows, you've got his attention for the next six hours.

Skills: He has had a lot of different jobs, so he has at least some skill in various fields. He knows how to do some home repair, he knows a bit about painting (not on a canvas), and he was a security guard for two years. He also likes to work out, so if you need heavy lifting done he's your man.

Weaknesses: Women, food, pets, and good music. He has other weaknesses, but he can't give out all of his secrets.

Likes: Video games, food, physical exertion (i.e. weight lifting, hiking, physical romance, etc.), clean living spaces and really loud music

Dislikes: Cops, uncleanliness, artificial darkness (darkness inside buildings), ignorant people, silence, splinters

History: Through a long series of mistakes, bad choices, and crappy luck, he started out with an ok life until he graduated high school. He made really bad choices, threw away great career opportunities, and repeatedly got into bad relationships. The relationships part actually caused him to get arrested (No he didn't do anything bad. Just got with the wrong girl). He had mostly good grades in school, cause he's actually pretty smart, but sometimes his ADHD affects his memory and concentration. But now that he's 26, he's started making smart choices. He's going to college, he has two jobs, and his own apartment. He tries to eat healthy, but come on, unhealthy food is usually the best tasting.

Clothing/Personal Style: He prefers to wear what's comfy, which is usually basketball shorts and a tank top or blue jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes he wears a tank with a long sleeve button up over it. And on fancy days he wears slacks with a black leather belt, shiny black loafers, a dark grey dress shirt with a nice sport coat over it.

Goal: To someday have enough money to FINALLY live comfortably. And that means expensive things.

Profession: Night time shelf stocker, day time maintenance man at an old folks home for the rich.

Personal quote: I was not born to work and die. I was made to learn and live to the fullest.

Theme song: "At My Best" by Machine Gun Kelly ft Hailee Steinfeld

Birthdate: November 13th, 1991

Star sign: Scorpio

Favorite food: Probably burritos. Mmmmm burritos.
Favorite drink: That's a toughy. Non-alcoholic= Monster Energy
Alcoholic= Probably rum and coke. Or pina coladas. Rum on the rocks. (Yeah he thinks he's a modern day pirate)
Favorite location: Middle of a forest or up on top of a mountain. Forest for tranquility, mountain for the view.
Favorite weather: Deep and silent snowfall. Because even though it's quiet, snow has its own sound.
Favorite color: Purple

Least liked food: Blood Sausage. No Thanks.
Least liked drink: Warm soda
Least liked location: Middle of the desert
Least liked weather: Freezing rain

Favorite person: His brother
Least liked person: His mother
Friends: Working on that
Relations: Let's not get into that
Enemies: Everyone who doesn't like the way he does his thing
Significant other: Haven't found them
Orientation: Bi-curious?

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