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My first forum.


Hello everyone, today I finally finished designing my board. The board is about all things anime, furry, cartoons in general. So i decided to call it simply call it "Anim" because it refers to "Animation" for short and "TV" for "Television".

The domain is: http://anim.tv/

It's a board and it's not like another board because it have a "youtube" like system where you can upload animation stuffs and watch them in flash without having to deal with file size and bandwidth (unlimited).

Please tell me what you think.
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Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
What do you guys think?

You have roleplay, but no roleplay rules. Otherwise, it seems to only lack members...


You have roleplay, but no roleplay rules. Otherwise, it seems to only lack members...

Yes i do but for now, Im going to keep it open and rule-free. I don't have contents at the moment and i'm trying to find i way how to attract more people...

Right now Im adding freshly new anime torrents on the download section.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

Maybe add my homemade flash games.


Lady of the lake
i really like the design! it looks very slick and neat^^ great job, now you only need members! :B


The hell am I reading, here?
Where's the section for overpriced Apple gadgets and peripherals? :V


Just another smiling face
Looks promising.


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Eh, what the hell, I'll try it.

Just don't let this die like the other forum I recently joined/modded.


No, I meant that the other forum's owner won't respond or post or do anything, and with a developing site, there wasn't much we could do to boost it.

True, that's because it takes the owner to be in front of a computer 24/7. But I'm special, I'm motivated enough and technologically mobile. I can run the site without the need of moderators thanks to an iPhone app that tells me what's going on 24/7. :cool:


A ghost passing through
You need an incentive for people to join.

Oh wait, if I join now, I can be that annoying dick who's been around forever in 10 years.


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i love it. it will get fucked up in a week.


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its so new that the username "Joe" was available.
...not anymore.

south syde dobe

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I'll join eventually :3


HUGS DAMNIT! U no u want 2!
I like how it looks. I love the background! *joins*

My computer at work and IE7 is having trouble getting it to run smoothly (probably due to the transparancies and stuff), plus I can't activate my account until I get home to access my e-mail. I guess I can't use this as a cure for boredom at work.
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Seems okay, but even if I will register it would be like me on every other forum.
"Eh.... subjects to post on.... none. Well, LET'S SING A SONG ALL DAY LONG AND SPROUT LIES IN RANTS AND RAVES".
Still, looks very nice.