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Critique: My first furry art


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hey, I’m an artist struggling with burnout looking to make and sell furry art. I havent drawn in a long time but Ive been getting into this recently. I drew a few and realized too late that I cant post nsfw here so here’s the one sfw one I have so far. Would love critique, sorry I’ve only got the one but I’ll post more soon! This is just a husky I got from a fursona generator I found on google, the generator said she was heavy into necromancy and is also pink and red haha.


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I like the colors and how you use them as well as the body anatomy of your character. Don't hesitate to work on muzzles and how to give them volume, same for the ears. Since you seem to go for a human-like body, that would be the parts you would want to work on to make furry art.
That being said, I really like the energy of your picture!


how i mine art?

I think your anatomy's solid, and you've got lots of energy in the poses and composition.

The biggest thing that's standing out to me is that the colors and lighting don't agree, to the point that the summoned skull and the husky don't look like they're part of the same image. The skull is casting green light, and the husky is strongly red/pink, but there's no overlap. Bleeding some of that green energy over onto the husky would work well to pull the image together, and connect the two characters.

In a similar vein, maybe making a more defined shadow on the wall behind the husky, to ground her into the scene and hint at the rest of the space they're occupying?