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My first furry drawings


New Member
Hello there! :D i recently decided that i could try and do some furry drawings, see how it goes, cause a few times before i did draw some furies be it cause it was a commission or i drew it for fun.

Sooooo i am new to this site, and i was wondering how do you share your art here?
as in are there any groups or stuff like that where i could promote my drawings?
I only posted 2 drawings and am wondering how do i even start to get people to notice me :D because if there is nobody to look at my drawings here, than it kind of kills the point of posting them here...
Anyway here are the 2 drawings i recently posted:


Both are indeed OC of other people, first being a OC of meru_nyaa and second of Slugbox
And when we are at it... what species is Cteno? xD (the second drawing)
Also what tags could i post for it, and in general?


Well-Known Member
I like the overall happy art styles. Also your body form and color work are great.

I suggest creating a profile on the main FA site and uploading your artwork there while creating yer user profile. Don't forget to add keywords and if you plan on offering commissions keep yer commission info up to date.
Also mark yer art as mature
I wish you the best of luck dude!


New Member
Thanks :D
on the main FA? you mean furaffinity? i did, thats where i posted these :D thats why i am asking which tags to put there for them. And i will think about it, thanks for the suggestions :)