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My First Fursona: What do you think?


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I need help! I'm really new, so I need some criticism :) THANKS!


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it looks really nice. maybe in the future it would be nice to see something other then green included. but I don't dislike the green. you used it well, it's the perfect shade.


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the design's good/clean! some helpful things to think about if you wanna elaborate on this base design:
  • what's Binky do?
  • what does Binky like?
  • what is Binky passionate about?
  • what kinds of style is Binky into?
  • what kinds of buttons and stickers would Binky use to decorate bags/jackets/laptops/notebooks?
  • what's Binky good at?
  • what's Binky proud of?


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It's cute!

Only visual thing I'd say is that you've got a side view of the tail, then your back view obviously has the tail missing for intentional reasons. However, artists often draw a separate image of the tail as shown from the rear somewhere on the image, as that can be useful for reference purposes.


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I love the green color scheme! Maybe add another color or two to lighten it up a bit. Other from that, I love that green color and the eye color!


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I like. Simple markings and a pleasant palette. Won't be a pain in the ass to draw but still very recognizable.

I'd give 8/10.